2015 Civic League Officer Nominations Now Open

We’re accepting nominations for the 2015 Lake Whitehurst West Civic League Officers and Board of Directors now through November 17. Any adult resident or property owner in one of our five neighborhoods may hold office. All nominees will be at the November 17 meeting, and we will also accept additional nominations from the floor. Elections will be held by voice vote that night, and new officers will be installed at the January 2015 meeting.

Current nominees are:

President: Eric Hause
First Vice President: Syble Stone
Second Vice President: Jill Keifer
Secretary: Andrew Roberts
Treasurer: Jim Driggers
General Area Chairman: Linda McConnaghy

If you would like to submit a nomination, please email us or call Jill Keifer at 757.583.7465.

According to our bylaws, office descriptions are as follows:

President: The president shall chair all League meetings and Board meetings and shall act as the official representative and spokesperson of the League unless that responsibility is delegated by the president, the League membership, or these Bylaws to another person. The president shall prepare the agenda for all board meetings. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees.

First Vice President: The vice president shall be responsible for arranging guest speakers and other programs to be featured at membership meetings. The vice president shall also assist the president in the execution of presidential responsibilities and act on behalf of the president during the president’s absence or inability to attend to duties.

Second Vice President: The second vice president is responsible for coordinating all social activities of the League with the assistance of the Social Committee. The second vice president shall assist the first vice president in the execution of their duties and act on behalf of the first vice president during their absence or inability to attend to duties.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the League and deposit same in the name of the League in such federally insured bank or banks as the Board may choose. The treasurer shall prepare and present an annual budget for the approval of the Board at the January board meeting and the League at the general meeting. The treasurer shall prepare and present an accounting of all receipts and disbursements in a monthly report the Board and to the League, and shall deliver an annual report to the League at the November meeting. The treasurer shall collect and record all dues and monitor/maintain a League membership roster.

Secretary: The secretary will record and maintain minutes of all Board and general membership meetings and submit them to the respective bodies for approval, provide copies of minutes to Board members prior to the meetings at which they are to be approved and maintain the minutes of the league in good order, transferring them to the secretary’s success upon election. The secretary shall notify Board members of the time and place of board meetings and shall provide agendas for all regularly scheduled board and membership meetings. The secretary will publish said minutes on the League website. The secretary will maintain the files of all incoming and outgoing written correspondence from the League.

General Area Chairman: The general area chairman will head the community improvement committee.