Tidewater Drive/East Little Creek Road Underpass, Intersection Reopens

This re-opening marks substantial completion of the Tidewater Drive/Little Creek underpass reconstruction project.

The underpass on Tidewater Drive at E. Little Creek Road and all lanes on E. Little Creek Road has re-opened to traffic.

This re-opening marks substantial completion of the Tidewater Drive/Little Creek underpass reconstruction project. This $6 million, multi-phased capital improvement/Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) revenue sharing project began in earnest in early February and reached this milestone in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday as communicated to residents, motorists, and businesses. The project includes a new 4 lane underpass, traffic signals, pedestrian walkways, streetlights, and pavement markings.

Beginning Monday, December 1st, motorists should expect intermittent single lane closures along Tidewater Drive feeder roads and on E. Little Creek Road between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for guardrail installation and minor project details.

Civic League Partners with Norfolk PD Online

The LWWCL today launched a second neighborhood networking web site at lakewhitehurstwest.nextdoor.com. The new site allows residents of our neighborhoods to privately communicate in a secure environment with each other and the Norfolk Police Department about crime and safety issues. All Norfolk communities that are members of Nextdoor.com are now being monitored by the Norfolk PD in an effort to facilitate communications between the police and residents.

The civic league web site at LakeWhitehurstWest.com will be maintained and remain active as a public place to share and post items. residents are also encouraged to utilize the civic league’s Facebook page to post items of interest and concern for all residents to see.

Residents of our neighborhoods are encouraged to join Nextdoor free of charge by creating an account at lakewhitehurstwest.nextdoor.com. The site requires that we have a minimum of 30 active members within 21 days in order for the web site to remain active, so JOIN TODAY!

Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith released this statement on November 12:

“Hello, my name is Chief Goldsmith, and I am pleased to announce that, starting November 12, the Norfolk Police Department will be utilizing Nextdoor in an effort to facilitate virtual neighborhood watch and help foster neighbor-to-neighbor communications.

“Nextdoor is a tool for us to effectively share crime prevention and safety updates, free events, and emergency notifications. You can expect to receive hyperlocal crime and safety updates from the Norfolk Police Department on Nextdoor, but your Nextdoor website is still kept private to only those who live in the neighborhood and who have a verified address. Messages from the police department will be filtered in the “City Agency” tab on the left hand navigation bar.

“Please be aware that Nextdoor is not the appropriate way to request emergency services, police services, report criminal or suspicious activity, file a report, etc. If you require emergency services, please call 911.

“We look forward to using Nextdoor to build stronger, safer neighborhoods throughout Norfolk.”

Chief Goldsmith will be the speaker at our November 17 meeting.

November 17, 2014 Civic League Meeting

Our meeting will be at 7pm on Monday, November 17, 2014.  Our speaker will be the Norfolk Chief of Police, Chief Goldsmith.

Here is your opportunity to ask questions.

I have posted Article V of the Bylaws that describes the duties of the officers.  If you remember at October’s meeting, we discussed the election of officers for 2015.  The organization is always interested in getting new residents involved.  Please review the bylaws and feel free to nominate yourself for an office.

We also discussed the December meeting and making it a social event in addition to the installation of officers.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday night.

Bylaws Officer Descriptions

Article V – Executive Board of Officers

Section 1. The Executive Board and inherent duties of each office are defined as follows:

  1. President – The president shall chair all League meetings and Board meetings and shall act as the official representative and spokesperson of the League unless that responsibility is delegated by the president, the League membership, or these Bylaws to another person. The president shall prepare the agenda for all board meetings. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees.



  1. First Vice President – The vice president shall be responsible for arranging guest speakers and other programs to be featured at membership meetings. The vice president shall also assist the president in the execution of presidential responsibilities and act on behalf of the president during the president’s absence or inability to attend to duties.
  2. Second Vice President – The second vice president is responsible for coordinating all social activities of the League with the assistance of the Social Committee. The second vice president shall assist the first vice president in the execution of their duties and act on behalf of the first vice president during their absence or inability to attend to duties.
  1.  Treasurer – The treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the League and deposit same in the name of the League in such federally insured bank or banks as the Board may choose. The treasurer shall prepare and present an annual budget for the approval of the Board at the January board meeting and the League at the general meeting. The treasurer shall prepare and present an accounting of all receipts and disbursements in a monthly report the Board and to the League, and shall deliver an annual report to the League at the November meeting. The treasurer shall collect and record all dues and monitor/maintain a League membership roster.
  2. Recording Secretary – The secretary will record and maintain minutes of all Board and general membership meetings and submit them to the respective bodies for approval, provide copies of minutes to Board members prior to the meetings at which they are to be approved and maintain the minutes of the league in good order, transferring them to the secretary’s success upon election. The secretary shall notify Board members of the time and place of board meetings and shall provide agendas for all regularly scheduled board and membership meetings. The secretary will publish said minutes in the League newsletter.
  3. Corresponding Secretary – The corresponding secretary will maintain the files of all incoming and outgoing written correspondence from the League.
  4. General Area Chairman – The general area chairman will head the community improvement committee.
  5. Chaplain – The chaplain will open all general meetings with a prayer.

Section 2. The Board shall:

  1. Assist in guiding the League toward the achievement of its objectives outlined in Article II.
  2. Be responsible for coordinating the activities of the League and its committees.
  3. Prepare the agenda for all regular League meetings.

Section 3. No officer or member of the League shall represent the League in any matter without prior approval of the Board.

Section 4. Any officer, who fails to attend three consecutive League or Board meetings without good cause, may be removed from office in accordance with Section 5 of this article.

Section 5. Any officer who fails to perform the duties of such office may be removed, following 15 days written notice from the Board, by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the next League meeting.

Section 6. Interim vacancies of an office will be appointed by the board until a special election at the next League meeting, following notice in the newsletter.

Article VI – Committees

Section 1. The League shall be supported by two standing committees:

  1. Community Improvement
  2. Beautification/ Green Initiative.

Section 2. Special Committees may be appointed by the board.

Article VII – Election of Officers

  1. At the September meeting the President shall appoint a Nomination Committee of not less than two or more than four members.
  2. The slate offered by the Nominating Committee shall be delivered to the membership along with the announcement of the November meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the November meeting.
  3. The officers shall be elected annually at the regular November meeting by voice vote. A quorum of the membership must be present at this November meeting and a simple majority of those present will elect. Any officer may succeed himself.
  4. The duly elected officers shall be installed at the November meeting or a called December meeting.


Article VIII – Finances

Section 1. All expenditures in excess of $100.00 shall be contained in a membership approved budget or approved in advance by the membership at meeting. All expenditures shall be approved in advance by the Board.

Section 2. All checks shall be signed by the President and the Treasurer.

Section 3 Claims for expenses incurred on behalf of the League must be submitted to the treasurer within 45 days of the day the expense was incurred. Original or a replica of the receipt must accompany the claim or the claim will not be reimbursed under any circumstances .

Section 4. The treasurer’s books shall be audited annually in November by an ad hoc committee of at least two members. The results of the audit will be announced no later than at the January board and general meeting.

City Council Provides Funding for Schools and Scholarships

The Norfolk City Council approved the distribution of $3 million in new revenue during Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Council meeting. Norfolk Public Schools will receive $750,000 to address identified needs.

NORFOLK, VA – The Norfolk City Council approved the distribution of $3 million in new revenue during Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Council meeting. Norfolk Public Schools will receive $750,000 to address identified needs. Norfolk State University will receive $100,000 for scholarships to graduating Norfolk high school students.

“One of the most important things we do in local government is to ensure that our children have access to quality educational opportunities, including higher education. City Council is committed to this goal and that is why we allocated resources in the recent budget amendment. These funds will help support the children in our public schools by creating scholarships for graduating Norfolk students to attend Norfolk State University,” said Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim.

“We are grateful for the city’s partnership. This is an example of the city supporting Norfolk Public Schools in a way that allows us to continue to advance our Strategic Plan. We are looking forward to utilizing the funds to make needed repairs at Maury High School, to continue building our innovative Open Campus program, and to support other need,” said Dr. Samuel King, Norfolk Public Schools Superintendent.

“Norfolk State University and the City of Norfolk have enjoyed a close and mutually-beneficial relationship for many years,” said Eddie N. Moore, Jr., Norfolk State University’s interim president and CEO. “The City’s $100,000 investment in Norfolk State University will significantly impact the ability of high school students from the City of Norfolk to attend a quality, affordable institution of higher learning. We are appreciative of the City Council and the Mayor for demonstrating their strong commitment to Norfolk students who choose to attend Norfolk State University: the city’s partner in higher education.”

City Council also approved funding for the following:

  • Poverty Commission: $500,000
  • Neighborhoods – Recreation, Parks and Open Space Master Plan: $750,000
    • Poplar Hall recreation center
    • Bay Oaks Park
    • Boxing center
  • Crisis intervention training and community officers: $400,000
  • Street lights: $400,000
  • Chelsea neighborhood improvements: $100,000

The $3 million is one-time payment from the Norfolk International Airport. The City recently renewed the Airport’s contract and the resulting real estate reassessment resulted in a $3 million payment to the City.

For more information, review the City Council agenda online at www.norfolk.gov