Our 2015 Lawn & Garden Symposium Series Starts February 14

The Lake Whitehurst West Civic League is excited to sponsor our first Lawn and Garden Symposium Series for residents of our neighborhoods.

Designed for all us novices, this three-class series will provide you with basic information on how to manage and improve your lawns and gardens. If you have specific questions, need inspiration, or simply treasure the beauty of plants and the outdoors, these classes are for you! Our qualified speakers will walk you through the basis of each topic and have plenty of take home how-to materials.

Saturday, February 14, 2015, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Presented by Jim Lachowicz, Chesapeake Master Gardener and Virginia Tech “Grass Guru.”
February is time to plan your lawn strategy for the coming season, and we all want beautiful lawns. Jim will show you how achieve it with an overview and discussion of turf types, fertilization, pH, correct mowing and proper watering.  He’ll also answer any specific questions you have.

Saturday, March 14, 2015, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented by Kate Melhuish, Norfolk Master Gardener and Garden Speaker
Kate is a passionate advocate of flowers and fruit,  and the insects and other creatures that provide the offspring for seeds and the germination of fruits. She’ll give us a look at all types of pollinators and their importance to healthy gardens, as well as how to attract and keep them in your garden.

Saturday, April 11, 2015, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

By Elsie Holliday, Diane Fleming and Debora Mosher, Norfolk Master Gardeners and active workers with Weyanoke Sanctuary and EcoGarden
For those of you who don’t have room for a full-fledged garden, container pots provide a space-saving and beautiful option. With the varied growing season in Southeast Virginia, you can grow just about anything in a container, from trees and flowers to veggies, herbs and succulents. Plus, we’ll discuss how to select the best pot for your plant type.

All classes are held at McKendree Methodist Church

Classes are open to all residents of our neighborhoods. Lake Whitehurst Civic League members may attend at no charge.

Non-members pay a one-time fee $15 for the entire symposium series, whether they attend one class or all three. The fee also includes an annual membership in the Civic League and admission to all other other Civic League sponsored events. Your fee is payable on the day of your first selected class.

All classes require advance registration by completing the form below or calling Debora Mosher at 857.4754.

Next LWW Civic League Meeting is Monday, January 19

Our next meeting of the Civic League will be this Monday, January 19, at 7:00 PM at McKendree UMC.

This meeting will be devoted to discussion and approval of the Civic League’s 2015 operations plan, associated budget and revised bylaws. We will also have an open forum in which any members or residents can raise topes of concern. And we will accept nominations and vote for a new First Vice President.

The 2015 Board of Directors met on January 3 to review results from our resident survey. Using feedback from the survey, we created a 2015 Civic League operations plan, calendar of events and budget, which we will review at the meeting.

We also reviewed the Civic League’s bylaws, and made some changes in order to tighten them up and remove some ambiguities. This is in preparation for various memberships and programs, which require current by laws in order for our Civic League to participate. You may download and review the bylaw changes prior to the meeting.

Syble Stone recently stepped down from her position as first vice president. Many of you know she is in the process of moving to East Oceanview. Her tireless commitment to the Civic League–and our neighborhoods–will be missed, and we thank her for her work! We will accept nominations and vote for a new  first vice president on Monday. The position description is as follows:

“The first vice president shall be responsible for arranging guest speakers and other programs to be featured at membership meetings. The first vice president shall also assist the president in the execution of presidential responsibilities and act on behalf of the president during the president’s absence or inability to attend to duties.”

Finally, we will use a portion of the meeting as an open forum for any and all members and residents to bring any topic of concern to our neighborhoods to the table for general discussion.

We’ll you there!

Eric Hause, President


Free Admission to Norfolk Botanical Garden

Free Admission to Norfolk Botanical Garden starting Jan. 2, 2015 through Jan. 19, 2015! YES, I said FREE! Visit our Gift Shop – most items in our Gift Shop are 50% off as we prepare for a spring Grand Opening! Hope to see you in the Garden soon.
Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG) will offer a two-week free admission for the first time in the Garden’s history to area families, as the Garden welcomes 2015,”A year of renewal.” It’s a year of NEW beginnings, a NEW President/CEO & Board Leadership, and a NEW vision & strategic plan for the Garden’s future. Visit our website for more information.


Message From Senator Lynwood Lewis:
I hope you will share the following information and attend. I will be holding a series of 5 Town Hall Meetings in the district prior to the upcoming 2015 General Assembly Session. The first 2 will be in Norfolk on Monday and Tuesday. We will discuss the issues coming up before the General Assembly and also hear on what is of importance to you. See you there!
Monday, January 5th
6 – 7:30 PM
Mary D. Pretlow Library
111 W Ocean View Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23503
Tuesday, January 6th
6 – 7:30 PM
W. H. Taylor Elementary School
1122 W. Princess Anne Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23507