Larrymore Lawns Pool has a New Name and a New Direction

Larrymore-Lawns-Community-Park-Association-pres-1The Larrymore Lawns Pool, a fixture in our community for nearly 60 years, has recently changed it’s mission and is now the Larrymore Lawns Community Park Association.

“Our new leadership understood that times have changed, and we need to change with them,” said President Jennifer Wagoner-White.

While the pool will remain a main attraction of the four-acre property, the Association has recently unveiled plans for year-round multiple use of the rest of the property.

The plan addresses new membership levels and categories, changes to focus of the pool and property, incorporates some cosmetic appearance modifications, and adds a multifunction component.

The Association is adding a community garden with plots for lease by individuals as well as a community area for vegetables, herbs or flower for members to pick and enjoy. Individual plots are now available for lease and include tilling service.

In addition, the Association is working on ways to make the property a sustainable and green neighborhood park.

The plan leaves room for the addition of other functions on the property. Ideas being considered are a farmers market, dog park, and a golf Putting practice green.

The Association is actively soliciting suggestions for use of the park from the residents of the surronding neighborhoods the park. You can email yours to Jennifer at

You can read the Association’s full plan here.

They are also launching a new web site this spring at