Larrymore Community Gardens & Pool Work Day is Saturday


The Larrymore Community Garden and Pool Association is planning a cleanup and repair day this Saturday, May 9, from 10 am until 4 pm.  They’ll have hot dogs and burgers on the grill for lunch as well as snacks and drinks available throughout the day for all volunteers.

They need help with the following:

General Area:

Fence painting

Mowing and edging (they could use an edger and someone who knows how to use it)

Debris cleanup and removal

Sign repair or placement of a new sign

Pool Area:

Removal of pool cover

Removal of canopy on the pool deck

Repairing of canteen roof

Cleaning of baby pool

Deck power washing

Cleaning of the restrooms

Cleaning of patio chairs/ children’s tables


Path building in the garden (both rock and and mulch paths)

Planting and developing unused beds (if beds are not rented, they plan to create plots for food bank donations, pumpkins, gourds, melons and etc for community and gardeners or for a fall function for kids and families)

Installation of rain gutters to supply garden rain barrels

Construction of the rain barrel platform

Completing the small compost bins and placement of compost bins.

Building of 1 elevated/ raised bed for a senior person

Removal of fence posts along Winn Dr.

Completion of supply bins board exterior (if boards available)

If you can volunteer an hour or the whole day, please ask for Jennifer Wagner  (331-0760) when you arrive, and she will direct you. No need to bring tools, just a pair of gloves and a hat.