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Lake Whitehurst West Civic League

2017 Strategic Plan

In January 2017, the LWWCL Board of Directors held a planning retreat. The result is our third annual strategic plan for the Civic League. The components of the plan are based on a survey of our residents, as well as activities that further our mission.


Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League is to encourage and empower residents of diverse backgrounds and interests to work together in the development of a safe and healthy neighborhood.


Our Core Values are:

  • Providing a web-based organization with effective and efficient services and events that are responsive, inclusive, and neighborhood focused
  • Ensuring safe homes and streets.
  • Supporting excellence in the maintenance of property values.
  • Creating a positive, regenerative effect on our environment that avoids detrimental impacts.


2016 Accomplishments that Supported Our Mission

  • Hosted monthly meetings with a diverse speaker roster.
  • Maintained web site as an active communications tool, currently with 162 registered users.
  • Leveraged social media as communication tools, i.e Facebook and
  • Generated and distributed quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins all residences in our neighborhoods free of charge.
  • Strengthened existing relationships and created new ones with neighboring Ward 5 civic leagues, government representatives, and educational, environmental and non-profit partners.
  • Planned and executed two community yard sales.
  • Established partnerships with Norfolk UMC and Larrymore Lawns Garden & Pool.
  • Sponsored the informative gardening symposium series.
  • Planned and executed a FUN Christmas social and summer pool party and picnic.
  • Executed online resident surveys, which provided the Board with neighborhood demographics and guidance for a responsive strategic plan.
  • Added a form on web for reporting suspected code violations
  • Increased membership in our civic league by 25%.


2017 Goals & Action Items

  • Print and distribute quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins.
  • Move our monthly meetings to Tuesday nights beginning in February 2017 in an effort to increase attendance.
  • Create online dues payment portal on website.
  • Continue to build our web site and social media database of residents and utilize with frequent communications.
  • Continue to actively use social media tools to communicate with our residents.
  • Create a civic league volunteer position to address the needs of our active and retired military population.
  • Add meeting dates to our schedule in June and August.
  • Continue to host Norfolk PD community officers and other timely and informative speakers at our meetings.
  • Attend and represent our Civic League and residents at pertinent government meetings.
  • Continue to interact with city leaders and neighboring civic league leaders to further improvement on the E. Little Creek and N. Military corridors.
  • Continue to pursue solutions to speeding issue in our neighborhood with Norfolk PD/City.
  • Strengthen existing relationships with Norfolk UMC and Larrymore Community Garden and Pool and partner with them on joint fundraising efforts and special events.
  • Grow our neighborhood ambassador program welcome new residents.
  • Plan and execute one spring yard sale and a concurrent recycling day.
  • Plan and execute a food drive to benefit the Food Bank of SEVA.
  • Plan and execute a summer picnic with Larrymore Lawns Pool
  • Plan and execute an annual Christmas Social
  • Produce a Fall educational class on retirement and financial planning
  • Sponsor a Spring Yard and Gardening Symposium series
  • Create educational programs designed to support our commitment to environmental and public safety issues.
  • Encourage residents to participate the Norfolk Lake Star Program.
  • Continue to actively participate in the Norfolk EARNN program and promote recycling amongst our residents.
  • Solicit volunteers to participate in Clean the Bay Day.
  • Create and improve upon existing income-generating programs that will help the Civic League fund its goals.
  • Expand the number of paid advertisers in our newsletter.
  • Increase Civic League membership by 25%.


2017 Schedule of Events


January 16         Monthly membership meeting
Quarterly newsletter published


February 11        Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #1
February 21        Monthly membership meeting
Monthly meeting night moves to Tuesdays


March 11            Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #2
March 21            Monthly membership meeting


April 8                Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #3
April 18              Monthly membership meeting


May 13              Spring Clean Community Yard Sale
May 15              Monthly membership meeting


June 20              Monthly membership meeting


July 15              Summer Picnic & Pool Party


August 15           Monthly membership meeting


September 16     Learning Session: Retirement Planning
September 19     Monthly membership meeting


October 17         Monthly membership meeting


November 21      Monthly membership meeting & elections


December 12     Holiday Social