Yard Sale May 14, 2022

Sign up below to be listed on our community yard sale map! Registration closes on May 7th to allow us time to create and print maps.
Yard Sale Registration

Yard Sale Registration

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Upcoming Events

Here’s a preview of what we’re planning:

April 2022: Our next meeting is April 19th at 7:00 PM. We’re planning to meet in person at AIM and should have better technology set up for those who want (or need) to join virtually!

May 2022: Community Yard Sale. Pre-registration encouraged (we do a digital map and physical copies for participants). Our May meeting will be on the 17th.

June 2022: Neighborhood block party! Eric Hause & Andrew Roberts hosted a fun block party in 2020, and it’s time we had another. Details are being worked out, but if you want to contribute or help, let us know! The June meeting will be on the 19th.

Spring Cleanup in the Neighborhood on Saturday, March 26th 2022

Join us for the 2022 Neighborhood Clean Up Day!! We will be walling the neighborhood streets and sidewalks picking up litter and keeping our area clean. There will a list to ensure every street is covered. Typically a person or group can clean 2 – 3 streets but there is no minimum or maximum required. We just want your participation. More details to come. We will be handing out bags, gloves, grabbers, and other materials for you. You may also DM one of the board members through our Facebook page with questions or contact us below.

We are SO excited to kick off our Spring and Summer season with this outdoor event!

Meet at our neighborhood green space at the corner of Halprin & Winn at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 26th, 2022. Gloves, bags, and a few grabbers should be available, but you’re welcome to bring your own!

March 15 2022 Civic League Meeting: In Person or Online!

Welcome back, everyone! Infection rates are low, so we feel relatively safe resuming in-person meetings.

We are happy to announce that we’ll be meeting at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, room 300 (updated location; use entrance next to mural). Signs and greeters will be there before the meeting starts at 7:00 PM!

We realize not everyone can attend in person, for a variety of reasons, so we will continue to have Zoom available for anyone who would prefer to join virtually.

There are a few issues including some proposed redistricting changes and upcoming events to discuss!

Membership is NOT required to attend the meetings for information. We hope to see you soon!