Review our Proposed New Bylaws for the Merged Civic League

The combined Board of Directors of the Lake Whitehurst West and Larrymore Lawns Civic Leagues have wriiten a new set of bylaws for the merged civic league, approved them, and will present them to the general membership for approval at our May 15, 2018 meeting. If approved, this will complete the merge of the two organizations.

You can review and print the new bylaws below or download and print them.

Only paid members are eligible to vote. You can join prior to the meeting by applying and paying online at, or by completing the application on the back page of your newsletter and mailing it in or bringing it with your payment to the meeting.



 Revised by the Board of Directors May 8, 2018 • Adopted by the General Membership _______________

ARTICLE I – Name and Description

The legal name of this civic league is the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League hereafter referred to as the League. It includes neighborhoods and single family residences inside the boundaries of North MilitaryHighway to the intersection of E. Little Creek Rd., east to Halprin Drive and Lake Whitehurst, and southto Longdale Dr., including all of Hunt Club Point, Larrymore Lawns, Water’s Edge, Meadowbrook Forest,and Meadowbrook Terrace.

ARTICLE II – Aims and Objectives

The mission of the League is to encourage and empower residents of diverse backgrounds and interests to work together in the development of a safe and healthy neighborhood that may involveneighborhood plans and proposals with respect to land use, zoning, parks, open space, recreation,schools, community facilities, traffic and other factors affecting the livability, social, moral and economicaspects of the League’s neighborhoods.

Our Core Values are:

  • Ensuring safe homes andstreets
  • Supporting excellence in the maintenance of propertyvalues
  • Creating a positive, regenerative effect on our environment that avoids detrimentalimpacts
  • Providing a web-based organization with effective and efficient services that are responsive, inclusive, and neighborhoodfocused
  • ARTICLE III – Membership

Any adult(s) residing in a single family residence in our geographic boundaries are eligible for one household membership. Each household membership shall be entitled to one vote on any issue before the League, provided the household is a member in good standing with dues paid in full at the time of the meeting.

The League shall conduct periodic membership drives during the year. New members may be admittedat any time during the year.


Annual dues are $15.00. Membership is by calendar year from January 1 through December 31.

ARTICLE V – Executive Officers

The inherent duties of each Executive Officer are defined as follows:

Section 1. President – The President shall chair all League meetings and Board meetings and shall act as the official representative and spokesperson of the League unless that responsibility is delegated by the President, the League membership or these Bylaws to another person. The President shall prepare the agenda for all board meetings. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2.  First Vice President – The First Vice-President shall be responsible for arranging guest speakers and other programs to be featured at membership meetings. The First Vice President shall also assist the President in the execution of presidential responsibilities and act on behalf of the President during the President’s absence or inability to attend toduties.

Section 3. Second Vice President – The Second Vice President shall assist the First Vice President in the execution of their duties and act on behalf of the First Vice President during the Vice President’s absence or inability to attend to duties.

Section 4. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the League and deposit same in the name of the League in a federally insured bank or banks as the Board may choose. The Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual budget for the approval of the Board at the January Board meeting and for the League at the general meeting. The Treasurer shall prepare and present an accounting of all receipts and disbursements in a monthly report to the Board and to the League, and shall deliver an annual report to the League at the November meeting. The Treasurer shall collect and record all dues and monitor the League membership roster.

Section 5. Secretary – The Secretary will record and maintain minutes of all Board and general membership meetings and submit them to the respective bodies for approval, provide copies of minutes to Board members prior to the meetings at which they are to be approved and maintain the minutes of the League in good order, transferring them to the secretary’s successor upon election. The Secretary shall notify Board members of the time and place of Board meetings and shall provide agendas for all regularly scheduled Board and membership meetings. The Secretary will publish said minutes on the website.

Section 6. General Area Chairman – The General Area Chairman will head the community improvement committee regarding any issues in any of the neighborhoods of our League.

Section 7. Member-at-Large – The Member-at-Large is appointed by the Presidentand serves the Board’s strategic needs as determined by the President at any given time.

Section 8. Immediate Past President – The Immediate Past President seat shall be filled by the person who served the prior term as President. The duties are to provide guidance, historical context and leadership to the Board of Directors regarding past practices and to advise the Board on an as-needed basis. The seat is an ex-officio non-voting position of the Board. The term of office is concurrent with the term(s) of the succeeding League President.

Section 2. The Board shall:

  • Assist in guiding the League toward the achievement of its objectives outlined in ArticleII.
  • Be responsible for coordinating the activities of the League and its committees.
  • Prepare the agenda of all regular meetings.

Section 3. No officer or member of the League shall represent the League in any matter without prior approval of the Board.

Section 4. Any officer who fails to attend three consecutive Board or League meetings without good cause, may be removed from office in accordance with Section 5 of this Article.

Section 5. Any officer who fails to perform the duties of such office may be removed, following 15 days written notice from the Board, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next League meeting.

Section 6. The Board will appoint an interim officer until a special election is held at the next League meeting, following notice in the newsletter.

ARTICLE VI – Committees

Section 1. Special and Standing Committees may be appointed by the President or the Board as may be required to promote the objectives and interest of the League.

Section 2. The Committee Chairperson may report on activities of their committee at each regular meeting as necessary.

ARTICLE VII – Election of Officers

Section 1. At the September meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of not less than two members and not more than four members.

Section 2. The slate offered by the Nominating Committee shall be delivered to the membership along with the announcement of the November meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the November meeting. Only one member per household is eligible to be nominated for office.

Section 3. The officers shall be elected at the regular November meeting by voice vote. A quorum of the membership must be present at the November meeting and a simple majority of those present will elect the new officers. Any officer may succeed their self.

Section 4. The duly elected officers shall be installed at the December meeting. The term of theofficewill be for one year.


Section 1 – All individual expenditures in excess of $250.00 shall be contained in a membership-approved budget or approved in advance by the membership at meeting.  The Board shall approve all expenditures inadvance.

Section 2 – The President and the Treasurer shall sign all checks.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall present a record of transactions to the board at each board meetings. TheTreasurer shall also present the current balance in all accounts to the general membership at eachregularly scheduled meeting.

Section 4. Claims for expenses incurred on behalf of the League must be submitted to the Treasurer within 45 days of the day the expense was incurred. The original or a replica of the receipt must accompany the claim or the claim will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Section 5. An ad hoc committee shall audit the Treasurer’s books annually in November. The results of the audit will be announced no later than at the January Board and general meetings.

ARTICLE IX – Meetings and Quorums

Section 1. Meetings or official League events will be held in January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December. The July meeting may be replaced by the annual Summer Picnic.

Section 2. Meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month and will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Section 3. The Board of Directors or the President may change the day and hour of a regular meeting, and may call special meetings at any time upon notification of the membership.

Section 4. A quorum shall consist of 12 League members in good standing.

ARTICLE X – Parliamentary Procedures

The proceedings of the League shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

Proposed amendments to these bylaws may be submitted in writing to the Board. Upon review and approval by the Board, the Secretary will read the proposed amendment at the next League meeting and discussion will then be entertained. Following any changes resulting from the meeting, the proposed amendment will be included in the next League newsletter for members’ review prior to the next meeting. Provided a quorum is present, the amendment will be voted on and, if approved by two- thirds of the attendees, the amendment will be incorporated into these by-laws.

Eric Hause – President
Eileen Murley- First VicePresident
Mary Lou Gonzales – Second Vice President
Christian Strange – Treasurer
John E. Polley – Secretary
Deborah Mosher – Member-at-Large
Linda McConnaghy – Area Chairman
Tisha Jordan – Larrymore Lawns liaison
Rick Williams – Larrymore Lawns liaison

Read Our 2017 Strategic Plan

Lake Whitehurst West Civic League

2017 Strategic Plan

In January 2017, the LWWCL Board of Directors held a planning retreat. The result is our third annual strategic plan for the Civic League. The components of the plan are based on a survey of our residents, as well as activities that further our mission.


Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League is to encourage and empower residents of diverse backgrounds and interests to work together in the development of a safe and healthy neighborhood.


Our Core Values are:

  • Providing a web-based organization with effective and efficient services and events that are responsive, inclusive, and neighborhood focused
  • Ensuring safe homes and streets.
  • Supporting excellence in the maintenance of property values.
  • Creating a positive, regenerative effect on our environment that avoids detrimental impacts.


2016 Accomplishments that Supported Our Mission

  • Hosted monthly meetings with a diverse speaker roster.
  • Maintained web site as an active communications tool, currently with 162 registered users.
  • Leveraged social media as communication tools, i.e Facebook and
  • Generated and distributed quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins all residences in our neighborhoods free of charge.
  • Strengthened existing relationships and created new ones with neighboring Ward 5 civic leagues, government representatives, and educational, environmental and non-profit partners.
  • Planned and executed two community yard sales.
  • Established partnerships with Norfolk UMC and Larrymore Lawns Garden & Pool.
  • Sponsored the informative gardening symposium series.
  • Planned and executed a FUN Christmas social and summer pool party and picnic.
  • Executed online resident surveys, which provided the Board with neighborhood demographics and guidance for a responsive strategic plan.
  • Added a form on web for reporting suspected code violations
  • Increased membership in our civic league by 25%.


2017 Goals & Action Items

  • Print and distribute quarterly newsletters and monthly bulletins.
  • Move our monthly meetings to Tuesday nights beginning in February 2017 in an effort to increase attendance.
  • Create online dues payment portal on website.
  • Continue to build our web site and social media database of residents and utilize with frequent communications.
  • Continue to actively use social media tools to communicate with our residents.
  • Create a civic league volunteer position to address the needs of our active and retired military population.
  • Add meeting dates to our schedule in June and August.
  • Continue to host Norfolk PD community officers and other timely and informative speakers at our meetings.
  • Attend and represent our Civic League and residents at pertinent government meetings.
  • Continue to interact with city leaders and neighboring civic league leaders to further improvement on the E. Little Creek and N. Military corridors.
  • Continue to pursue solutions to speeding issue in our neighborhood with Norfolk PD/City.
  • Strengthen existing relationships with Norfolk UMC and Larrymore Community Garden and Pool and partner with them on joint fundraising efforts and special events.
  • Grow our neighborhood ambassador program welcome new residents.
  • Plan and execute one spring yard sale and a concurrent recycling day.
  • Plan and execute a food drive to benefit the Food Bank of SEVA.
  • Plan and execute a summer picnic with Larrymore Lawns Pool
  • Plan and execute an annual Christmas Social
  • Produce a Fall educational class on retirement and financial planning
  • Sponsor a Spring Yard and Gardening Symposium series
  • Create educational programs designed to support our commitment to environmental and public safety issues.
  • Encourage residents to participate the Norfolk Lake Star Program.
  • Continue to actively participate in the Norfolk EARNN program and promote recycling amongst our residents.
  • Solicit volunteers to participate in Clean the Bay Day.
  • Create and improve upon existing income-generating programs that will help the Civic League fund its goals.
  • Expand the number of paid advertisers in our newsletter.
  • Increase Civic League membership by 25%.


2017 Schedule of Events


January 16         Monthly membership meeting
Quarterly newsletter published


February 11        Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #1
February 21        Monthly membership meeting
Monthly meeting night moves to Tuesdays


March 11            Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #2
March 21            Monthly membership meeting


April 8                Lawn & Garden Symposium Class #3
April 18              Monthly membership meeting


May 13              Spring Clean Community Yard Sale
May 15              Monthly membership meeting


June 20              Monthly membership meeting


July 15              Summer Picnic & Pool Party


August 15           Monthly membership meeting


September 16     Learning Session: Retirement Planning
September 19     Monthly membership meeting


October 17         Monthly membership meeting


November 21      Monthly membership meeting & elections


December 12     Holiday Social


Have You Received Your Property Tax Bill?

Hi all,
It’s come to my attention that several of our neighborhood residents who pay quarterly real estate taxes to the City never received their third quarter bill via USPS.
In some cases, however, they received a second bill with finance and late charges applied.
Whether this is the fault of the City or the post office (my bet is on the latter), affected residents can call the City Treasurer’s office and let them know. No guarantee, but some of our residents have had success in getting those fees reversed.
Also, if you have experienced this yourself, please respond to this post so I can keep track of the issue.
Eric Hause, President
Lake WHitehurst West Civic League

Notes from the Ward Five Meeting, November 14, 2016

Ward Five Meeting – Monday, November 14
Notes provided by Jill Keifer, who attended on our behalf.


  • There is Ward 5 Advisory Committee Economic Development Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Dec 8 at 5:30pm at Crossroads Elementary School. It is open to the public and will center around input on what you want Ward 5 to look like. This includes E. Little Creek, Ocean View Avenue, and Shore Drive. There will also be discussions about Waterside Live, the new outlet mall, a demographic study, and possible future light rail expansion up N. Military Highway.
  • Discussion again turned to what the City can do to get a Trader Joe’s interested in Norfolk. The chain requires the area around any considered location to have to have 55% of the population to have college degrees and a median income of $60K.


  • There will a nationwide search to replace city manager, not someone from inside City government.
  • Thelma Drake now employed by the City as the assistant transportation director.


The entire length of E. Little Creek Rd. from Tidewater to N. Military has been declared an Enterprise Zone by the City in hopes that it will continue the momentum of new businesses and development.

700 block :

  • A Cookout is going next to Arbys. The old furniture store at the corner of Orchid and ELC will be demolished.
  • An Applebees going in next to Dominos Pizza adjacent to Sam’s Club.


1600 block:
Kroger has presented no formal plans to the city for it’s opposed location centered on the current Atlas Building site. The developer has deals with 9 of the 11 homeowners behind the Atlas building.

1700 block:
The Walmart Neighborhood Market at 1720 is being renovated.

1800 block:
The Riptide Carwash under construction had stormwater issues, which are now solved. Construction will resume soon.

2300 block:

  • An unnamed shopping center developer was in talks with the owner the former Calvary School to buy the property and develop it. However talks fell through recently when they could not reach a deal.
  • The Salvation Army Thrift Store at Roosevelt Gardens Shopping Center is now open.


2400 block:
The Steak n’ Shake will open in January 2017. They will begin hiring and training next month.


  • The Coastal Villas by the Bay at 7922 Shore Dr. are 100% occupied, and the developer is exploring options to build more.
  • Mac’s Place on the Bay (formerly Ship’s Cabin) has closed permanently. The land has been purchased along with the empty plot on E. Oceaneviw Ave. across from the AJ Gator’s shopping center. More homes are planned.

Come Cheer on our Civic League at the Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Conference & Awards Luncheon This Saturday

Join us at the Norfolk Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Conference & Awards Luncheon
Saturday, June 25, 8:30 AM until 2:00 PM
Awards Luncheon begins at 12:30 PM

Location: Virginia Wesleyan College Boyd Dining Hall
1584 Wesleyan Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502

Contact: 757-664-6772
Web site:

Tickets are $10 and include breakfast, lunch, workshops, and more.
Register online

Details: Eric Hause, Lake Whitehurst West Civic League President, will serve on a panel of local leaders discussing Civic League Fundamentals. And the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League is nominated for Best Marketing Tools Award for our online presence.

Conference participants will also network, learn, and share with other neighborhood leaders. To encourage young people to get involved in their neighborhoods, special sessions are available for youth aged 12 and up. Barbara Hamm Lee, executive producer and host of Another View at WHRO studios in Hampton Roads, is the Keynote Speaker.

Come network, learn, and cheer on our neighborhood!

Lake Whitehurst West Civic League Unanimously Votes to Oppose Salvation Thrift

From Eric Hause, President
Lake Whitehurst West Civic League

Tonight, the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League unanimously voted to oppose a special exception permit being considered for Salvation Army to operate a thrift store in the Roosevelt Gardens Shopping Center. The request concerns the currently vacant location at the corner of Halprin and E. Little Creek Rd. once occupied by Fabric Hut. The vote was taken at our monthly membership meeting following a spirited discussion expressing concern about the condition and future of E. Little Creek Rd.

Tonight’s vote comes 10 days before the City Planning Commission hears the special exception request in a meeting in City Council Chambers on Thursday, May 26 at 2:30 PM.

As president of Lake Whitehurst West Civic League, I represent 450 homeowners in four neighborhoods adjacent to the East Little Creek corridor. I encourage your civic league and you as individuals to join us in our effort to change the conversation with the City about out concerns and expectations for E. Little Creek Road and N. Military Highway. Our civic league’s opposition of the Salvation Army Thrift Store is  is the beginning of an effort  to do just that.

We oppose the Thrift Store request because:

  • Blocking the Salvation Army’s plan to operate a thrift store at the Roosevelt Shopping Center is an important first step in a movement to improve conditions along the East Little Creek Road Corridor. (ELCRC)
  • Existing City zoning regulations already PROHIBIT operation of a thrift store or any store selling used merchandise at the Roosevelt Shopping Center. The Salvation Army seeks a special exception to existing regulations.
  • Three thrift stores and two flea markets currently operate within 1.5 miles of the Roosevelt. Those businesses claim to help low income people but fail to help their own employees escape the cycle of poverty by paying substandard wages.
  • Thrift store shoppers are a diverse mix of individuals seeking collectible items and people who purchase used merchandise due to their economic circumstances. Why not encourage thrift stores to locate in areas populated by people with diverse economic circumstances?
  • While the City of Norfolk provides economic and other incentives for businesses locating downtown, in Oceanviw, and in other areas the City fails to do the same for businesses along the ELCRC.
  • The ELCRC is a heavily traveled area used daily by visitors and new residents. Many are associated with the Little Creek Joint Expeditionary Base. What kind of impression do they form of Norfolk when they see several buy here/pay here used car lots, pay day loan operations, poorly regulated signage and three thrift stores?
  • The real estate company responsible for marketing space at the Roosevelt Shopping Center has done a poor job marketing the Shopping Center. Several vacancies are examples of their marketing shortcomings.
  • The City should join forces with the private sector to provide incentives for locally owned and other businesses to locate along the ELCRC. This has been done on numerous occasions for businesses in Downtown Norfolk.
  • Over 150 people from North Norfolk and other areas have already spoken out on the thrift store issue on The overwhelming majority are opposed to the Salvation Army’s plans for a thrift store.

Please join us in opposing the special exception by contacting one or all of the Planning Commission members below via phone or email prior to the May 26 hearing. Or please join us at the Planning Commission hearing on May 26 to express your opinion.

630-7202 cell, 622-9220 office

622-2317 office, 618-6468 cell



390-4408 office, 650-5664 cell


483-6100 office, 477-7519 cell

Director of Planning & Community Development
Executive Secretary

Nominate Your Neighborhood’s “Difference Makers”

The City of Norfolk is sponsoring the 2016 Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Awards designed to recognize the “difference makers” in our neighborhoods — from the individual resident, to a civic organizations as well as local businesses. Nominations are are being accepted now through June 3 and can be submitted by completing this printable nomination form. You can also email your nominations to or email to Department of Neighborhood Development, 401 Monticello Avenue, 1st Floor, Norfolk VA, ATTN: Michelle Johnson..

The NBN Awards are made based on:

  • Residents working together as volunteers to improve the community
  • Encouraging individual and community responsibility for the neighborhood
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of enhancing the quality of life in Norfolk through neighborhood programs and events
  • Promoting neighborhood unity, communication, interaction, and cooperation
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on which nominee’s project had the greatest neighborhood impact; whether it be the number of people affected or the area size served. If the votes remain tied, the Awards Nomination committee will determine the winner.

Awards categories are:

Best Small Neighborhood Business Award
This award is for a small business that serves as an asset and good neighbor; contributing to the positive efforts of the community.

Youth Civic Participation Award
The recipient of this award is either a young resident/group of youth who is civically engaged in his/her neighborhood or an organization that engages youth in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Champion
This award recognizes a resident who makes distinguished contributions to and for his/her community in the areas of social, physical, and/or educational improvements. Nominee should be someone who regularly lends his/her experience, expertise and efforts to improve the community.

Unsung Hero Award
The recipient of this award is a person who gives his/her time, talent, and energy unselfishly, making substantive yet unrecognized contributions to his/her neigborhood.  

Exemplary Employee Awards
This award will be presented to a City of Norfolk employee who provides stellar customer service to residents; going beyond their job duties to ensure residents’ concerns are addressed.

Best Marketing Tool
This award will be presented to a civic league or neighborhood-based organization that has created an effective marketing tool (newsletter, flyer, social media outlet, etc.) for civic engagement.

Best Overall Neighborhood
This award recognizes a civic league or neighborhood organization for a project, event, or program that is the best example of Neighbors Building Neighborhoods.

Nominations must be no more than 500 words and include a project title or business or organization name as applicable, contact information, project overview, and address the above stated criteria as it relates to the award category of the nomination.

Share Your Ideas to Help Reduce Flooding in Norfolk

No one knows more about flooding in Norfolk than our residents and business owners. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Norfolk are partnering to identify ways to reduce flooding in Norfolk.

Share your knowledge about:
• Where and how does it flood
• The opportunities water gives the city
• What we should do to mitigate flooding
• What we shouldn’t do to mitigate flooding

When: Wednesday, May 25, 2016
5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Where: Pretlow Library
111 W. Ocean View Avenue

Who: Representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Norfolk.

Can’t make the meeting? Go to to get ideas and give your input.

For more information on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management effort go to

Our Next Lawn & Garden Class is March 12

Saturday, March 12, 2015, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Presented by Jennifer Wagoner, Larrymore Lawns Community Garden, and Debora Mosher, Norfolk Master Gardener.
This hands-on class will be conducted at the Larrymore Lawns Community Park (weather permitting). You’ll actually help the Garden prepare beds for planting and learn how to prepare your own beds in the process. We’ll also discuss the best plant selections for our area, planting schedule and maintenance. The Garden’s beds will be available for seasonal leasing.
Particiaption is free to lake Whitehurst West Civic League members. Non-members may attend for $15, which includes membership in the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League.
Pre-registration is required at

Donate to the Food Bank of SEVA

Please help us help those in need! At our regular meetings and special events, the Civic League collects items for donation to the Food bank of SEVA. The Food Bank provided us with the list below as guidance for those items they need most. Most of the donations they receive that do not adhere to this list are wasted, so please bring only these items to the meeting.