Civic League Bylaws



Revised by the Board of Directors July 31, 2018

Adopted by the General Membership September 19, 2018


The legal name of this civic league is the Lake Whitehurst West Civic League, Inc., hereafter referred to as the League. It includes neighborhoods inside the boundaries of North Military Highway to the intersection of E. Little Creek Rd., east to Halprin Drive and Lake Whitehurst, and south to Longdale Dr., including all of Larrymore Lawns, Water’s Edge, Hunt Club Point, Meadowbrook Forest, and Meadowbrook Terrace (see addendum A).

ARTICLE II – Aims and Objectives

The mission of the League is to encourage and empower residents of diverse backgrounds and interests to work together in the development of a safe and healthy neighborhood that may involve neighborhood plans and proposals with respect to land use, zoning, parks, open space, recreation, schools, community facilities, traffic and other factors affecting the quality of life, and social and economic well-being of all residents in our service area.

Our Core Values as approved at our October 2013 meeting are:

  1. Ensuring safe homes and streets;
  2. Supporting excellence in the maintenance of property values;
  3. Creating a positive, regenerative effect on our environment that avoids detrimental impacts;
  4. Providing a web-based organization with effective and efficient services that are responsive, inclusive, and neighborhood focused.

ARTICLE III –Membership

Any adult(s) residing in a household in the league’s geographic boundaries are eligible for one household membership. Each household membership shall be entitled to one vote on any issue before the League, provided the household is a current member with dues paid in full at the time of the meeting.

The League shall conduct an annual membership drive during the month of November.  Persons may be admitted at any time during the year.


Annual dues are $15.00 and shall be due and payable in advance on the first of January in the amount specified in the Bylaws.  Membership is by calendar year from January 1 through December 31.

ARTICLE V – Roles of the Officers

Section 1.  The Executive Board shall each be elected to a term of one year.  The inherent duties of each office are defined as follows:

  1. President – The President shall chair all League meetings and Board meetings and shall act as the official representative and spokesperson of the League unless that responsibility is delegated by the President, the League membership or these Bylaws to another person. The President shall prepare the agenda for all board meetings.The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.
  2. First Vice President – The First Vice-President shall be responsible for arranging guest speakers and other programs to be featured at membership meetings.The First Vice President shall also assist the President in the execution of presidential responsibilities and act on behalf of the President during the President’s absence or inability to attend to duties.
  3. Second Vice President – The Second Vice President shall head the neighborhood ambassador committee. They shall also assist the First Vice President in the execution of their duties and act on behalf of the First Vice President during their absence or inability to attend to duties.
  4. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the League and deposit same in the name of the League in a federally insured bank or banks as the Board may choose.The Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual budget for the approval of the Board at the January Board meeting and for the League at the general membership meeting immediately following the Board’s approval.  The Treasurer shall prepare and present an accounting of all receipts and disbursements in a monthly report to the Board and to the League and shall deliver an annual report to the League at the November meeting. The Treasurer shall collect and record all dues and monitor the League membership roster.
  5. Secretary – The Secretary will record and maintain minutes of all Board and general membership meetings and submit them to the respective bodies for approval, provide copies of minutes to Board members prior to the meetings at which they are to be approved, and maintain the minutes of the League in good order, transferring them to the secretary’s successor upon election.The Secretary shall notify Board members of the time and place of Board meetings and shall provide agendas for all regularly scheduled Board and membership meetings.  The Secretary will publish said minutes on the website.
  6. General Area Chairman – The General Area Chairman will head the community improvement.
  7. Member-at-Large – The Member-at-Large serves the Board’s strategic needs as determined by the President at any given time.
  8. Immediate Past President – The Immediate Past President seat shall be filled by the person who served the prior term as President. Duties are to provide guidance, historical context and leadership to the Board of Directors regarding past practices and to advise the Board on an as-needed basis.The seat is an ex-officio non-voting position of the Board.  The term of office is concurrent with the term(s) of the succeeding League President.

Section 2.  The Board shall:

  1. Assist in guiding the League toward the achievement of its objectives outlined in Article II.
  2. Be responsible for coordinating the activities of the League and its committees.
  3. Prepare the agenda of all regular meetings.

Section 3.  No officer or member of the League shall represent the League in any matter without prior approval of the Board.

Section 4.  Any officer who fails to attend three consecutive Board or League meetings without good cause, may be removed from office in accordance with Section 5 of this Article.

Section 5.  Any officer who fails to perform the duties of such office may be removed, following 15 days written notice from the Board, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next League meeting.

Section 6.  The Board will appoint an interim officer until a special election is held at the next League meeting, following notice in the newsletter.

ARTICLE VI – Committees

Section 1.  Special and Standing Committees may be appointed by the President or the Board as may be required to promote the objectives and interest of the League.

Section 2.  The Committee Chairperson shall report on activities of their committee at each regular meeting.

ARTICLE VII – Election of Directors and Officers

  1. At the September meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of not less than two members and not more than four members.
  2. The slate offered by the Nominating Committee shall be delivered to the membership along with the announcement of the November meeting.Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the November meeting.  Only one member per members household membership is eligible to be nominated for office. 
  3. The directors shall be elected at the regular November meeting by voice vote.A quorum of the membership must be present at the November meeting and a simple majority of those present will elect the new officers.  Any director may succeed himself.
  4. The duly elected directors shall be installed at the November meeting or a called December meeting. The term of the office will be for one year.
  5. At the December board of directors meeting, the board shall elect the Civic League’s officers from the board.


Section 1 – Expenditure of League funds in excess of $250.00 shall be contained in a membership-approved budget or approved in advance by the membership at a scheduled general meeting. The Board shall approve all expenditures in advance.

Section 2 – The President and the Treasurer shall sign all checks.

Section 3.  The Treasurer shall present a record at each meeting of transactions and the current balance in the account since the last meeting.

Section 4.  Claims for expenses incurred on behalf of the League must be submitted to the Treasurer within 45 days of the day the expense was incurred. The original or a replica of the receipt must accompany the claim or the claim will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Section 5.  An ad hoc committee shall audit the Treasurer’s books annually in November.  The results of the audit will be announced no later than at the January Board and general meetings.

ARTICLE IX – Meetings and Quorums

  1. Meetings or official League events will be held in January, February, March, April, May, July,September, October, November and December.The July meeting may be replaced by the annual Summer Picnic. The December meeting may be replaced by the holiday social.
  2. Meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month and will begin at 7:00pm.
  3. The Board of Directors or the President may change the day and hour of a regular meeting and may call special meetings at any time upon notification of the membership.
  4. A quorum shall consist of 12 paid members.

ARTICLE X –  Parliamentary Procedures

The proceedings of the League shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by the submission of a proposal in writing to the membership at any regular meeting.  The Secretary shall read each such proposal and shall then be opened for discussion on the floor of the meeting at which submitted.  It shall be delivered to the membership by newsletter prior to the next meeting and open for further discussion prior to voting.  Such proposal shall become effective upon approval by a two-thirds vote of those members present and in good standing, provided a quorum is present.

Eric Hause – President

Eileen Murley – First Vice President

Mary Lou Gonzales – Second Vice President

Christian Strange – Treasurer

John E. Polley – Secretary

Deborah Mosher – Member-at-Large

Linda McConnaghy – Area Chairman

ADDENDUM A: Civic League Area Map